Finally, after saving for a whole year, and an hour and a half drive to pick it up I got this beauty.

Ibanez RG1570z in Jewel Blue.

Ah where to start.. I saved for this a whole year. It was an almost 2 hours drive to the music store to pick it up, the GPS got lost and when I finally got there the guy tells me that he thinks he's out of stock.. I start freaking out and he sends another guy to check.. and he returns with a box taller than him.. it was like she was playing hard to get

I was told they only had black ones left, but among them they had this beauty. Could of been brown or whatever, but it was my favourite color. Things started to get better. The drive back home with it sitting in the back seat was a pain in the ass. I just wanted to get home to play it

Humble review:

I owned a GRG170 before this. I learnt to love it, being it my first instrument and all, but I really needed to change it for something that would stay in tune for more than half an hour It was a HUGE step forward. Go figure.. you cant really compare them.

Hardware: The bridge is really tough. I had a lot of people telling me that the Edge Zero with ZPS system sucked in comparison to the Edge Pro. I really cant tell if it's better or not than the EP because I havent tried it, but I can tell you that it's better than what I expected. I got the guitar about a week ago, and I've played a lot and with a lot of bends. I havent used the trem a lot, but it's no excuse, it stayed in tune just perfect. I had to correct the E string just a little but it was an easy job with the fine tuner. And hell, it still has the factory strings on and they are not even stretched I didnt remember that the machine heads were Gotoh. It was a nice surprise when I checked the serial number to see them there.

The ZPS is great too. I know it might not be old school, but it really helps. You dont need to use a screw driver, nor worry about leaving a screw uneven with the other. It just does the job for you.

Electronics: The electronics feel more durable than on the other guitar. The jack input, switch and knobs just feel tougher. The knobs, another work of art. The non slip rubber thing is great. The black chrome on all the hardware matches the blue color.

Pups: If you really have to complain about something, it's the pups. I liked the warm tone on my GRG because they were all ceramic. The RG1570 features just one ceramic and 2 alnico's, so you need to get used to the brighter tone they provide. I plan to change them later on so this is absolutely not a problem.

Finish: Everything is so smooth. The fret edges are perfect. I think I could cut myself if I tried on my GRG, but the finish on this is just perfect. So is the paint. The fretboard looks like real wood now, not some kind of plastic and wood mix. And finally the case. The pictures do not do enough justice. I think she sleeps more comfortable than I do.. haha. And the little box to store picks, strings, the manual etc. etc. is really cool too.

So that's it. I might sound like a father talking about his baby daughter, but I really love this guitar. Thanks for your time. I wrote more than I expected.
The case itselfs freaking awesome!

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Happy Effin' New Guitar Day! that looks like a beast
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I'm saving up for an ibby prestige too. Taking some time...

Anyway, that is beautiful. HNGD!!
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Thanks everyone. The pictures dont do justice. The pearloid prestige logo on the headstock is just amazing.

These things are great

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Woof Buzz, your girlfriend...err guitar. Am I the only disliker?

The case is schmecksy though. Enjoy - I'm sure it plays like a dream.
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Woof Buzz, your girlfriend...err guitar. Am I the only disliker?

The case is schmecksy though. Enjoy - I'm sure it plays like a dream.

Yeah I know, it's nothing fancy. Simple stuff, but I love it! And indeed it does!
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is this a Pre- or Post-Fukushima Ibanez?

You dick.

EDIT: HNGD though man, ive been eyeing that model up for a while now..
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Well done. She's bad as hell.
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HNGD! The blue looks great!
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The blue is great. It's not just plain blue. It's like a lighter version of the Mirage blue, but just not so glammy. And depending on where you look at it it's dark blue or light blue.