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Hey pit,

Know any non-acoustic songs played on the acoustic.

Not necessarily rock or metal. Any cool song.

Just cool non-acoustic songs that were translated to the acoustic
Hey Ya~

Although I think it already had some acoustic guitars.

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Alice in Chains Unplugged
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Thrustor: 2012
El Rodeo- Kyuss
Cemetary polka- Tom Waits
City of refuge- Nick Cave & the bad seeds
Make it wit chu- QOTSA
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John Frusciante does an fantastic acoustic cover of Joy Division's "New Dawn Fades". I'd higly recommend it as he plays the bassline, rhythm, and lead guitars all while singing.
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Thrice always plays acoustic versions of their songs. Its always pretty cool to hear their faster stuff played in a completely different way.
Pardon Me - Incubus

Although they've done acoustic versions of it live and stuff. Works out pretty well.

EDIT: A lot of Weezer songs, too. Say It Ain't So being the first that comes to mind.
If you like Foo Fighters, the whole of the Skin and Bones live acoustic album.
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Redefine by Incubus. The original is quite heavy, the acoustic version transforms it into something amazing and beautiful.
Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John
The Airborne Toxic Event's whole catalogue
House Of Rising Sun
Traitors never play hangman - Bring me the horizon acoustic cover.

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