I've been lifting for a month, but my wrist are hurting a bit more. Do you think lifting 3 times a week heavy and playing 5 hours daily would be too much? should i cut down the guitar playing or the weight lifting? I want to really bigger as i have twig arms and no six pack.

my wrist on my fretting hand was injured like 6 years ago but still is not 100 percent normal.
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Rest days, man.

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You're lifting too much or incorrectly if your wrists are hurting.

You're also playing incorrectly if you experience any pain while playing.

Revise your technique, you don't need to give up either to excel at both.
Well this is UG do you think they're going to pick weight lifting over guitar?
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How do you have 5 hours spare a day for guitar?
I struggle to get an hour a day spare and if I do I spend it catching up on sleep/reading pointless threads in the pit
Whats with the sudden trend of weight lifting threads?

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im at the gym 5 times a week since december and still play guitar

shouldnt matter.

my left wrist is sore but ive always had bad wrists.

/edit for about 1.5 hours a time.

i was there tonight from 10-1130 just got home 30 mins ago.

gained 10 lbs since december
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three days a week is perfect i think actually, just keep your workouts short and intense, do stretches before
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