palyed a mockingbird st today, and was quite fond of it. thought about buying it but a couple things drew me back, so a question to all owners of this guitar:

1:the floyd on the one i played was and original...but went horribly out of tune on use. salesdude said cause it wasnt set up right, he lying or is it that bad?

2: how are the stock pups? im looking for great cleans, some classic rock gain, and high gain solo stuff. (not looking for anything spectacular)....rockfeild pickups i think they were called?

3: what does that extra 4th knob do that has a 5 way selection. it sounded like a boost but i read online that it was a "5 way phase"? what is that o.0

ty for all replies in advance
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The salesman was probably right about it not being set up properly, it shouldn't of went out of tune.
Ask around on the BC Rich Players Forum. I feel I say that a lot, but it's good advice
it's not a schaller OFR, it's the cheaper korean one.

What he's saying might be true, or it might not. I think someone on another forum i go to had one, and it didn't stay in tune either. Turned out to be dodgy springs, iirc.
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