This has been a lingering problem for me for awhile. I can't seem to get my voice to quit sounding like I'm talking when I'm trying to sing. I just don't sound like I am singing. I've taken lessons before for awhile because I was really terrible to begin with and have a good base, I can hit notes consistently, breathe correctly, but my tone is still lacking and I believe this is a resonance problem.

Any tips to help improve?
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Try "aiming" your breath at different parts of your mouth and throat.
After about 3 years of singing I've found the best place to aim for is that place behind your teeth where it dips upwards the most but still feels hard if you brush your tongue against it. Seems like a lot of classical technique supports the same idea of aiming between your soft and hard pallet though it probably depends on what kind of tone you're aiming to acheive, for me when I aim for that area I get a very loud and bright tone.
I've got a similar problem too, so if anyone can help out with this it would definitely be appreciated. Thanks.