Hi guys, got the tab, just need some advice.
I'm struggling to get the A# to sound right.
its A, Ab, F#M, D

I'm playing the Barr of AB cause I cant manage the stretch to the fourth frett
so can I play it anywhere else?


Alright, who's the song by? There's quite a few tabs for this song, all by different artists, on this site.

You say the chords are A, Ab, F#m and D?

I don't see what the problem is, I would play the first three chords as barre chords and the last chord as an "A" type chord, on the 5th fret, 5th string.

Maybe, I'm misunderstanding what your problem is, if so let me know.

Also, I'm not sure where the "A#" comes into play, unless you meant Ab.

Also, there are a ton of ways to play every chord, I would just learn the forms.

all-guitar-chordsdotcom is a great sight, and there are a ton of books out there.
I believe you could download "Al Di Meola's Guide to Chords, Scales and Arpeggios" somewhere, maybe just google, it but it has all the chord forms.

And just for reference play it like this

E 5 4 2 7
B 5 4 2 7
G 6 5 2 7
D 7 6 4 7
A 7 6 4 5
E 5 4 2

EDIT: Ahh, is it the adele song?

Just play the A the normal way you would play it, on the open strings and the second frets

Then keep your first (fore finger) barring down those 2nd fret strings and add which ever finger you like to the top E string on the 4th fret

B 2
G 2
D 2
E 4

I feel like your were confused because there's an open string on the high E and that is actually challenging to play that, but you really don't.

So I would use my 1st finger and my ring or pinky finger, it can be a stretch, especially if you're a beginner but with practice you'll get there.

that's a great song, I hope I answered your question
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