Hey guys, well im going to be buying a new guitar soon but am confused as to what to buy, i have a butget of around £300-£350, I a metal, blues rock, hard rock etc player and have been playing for 1year and 4months, i recently bought an ESP LTD M100 fm with a floyd rose but have had alot of trouble with it so my new guitar shouldnt have a floyd.

Please suggets some good guitars that have solid pickups and non-floyd bridges
inb4 new amp
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inb4 new amp


though if that's not necessary, maybe a washburn x50pro?
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I'be bought a Vintage V100 lately just for the hell of it. I must say, it's a really nice guitar considered it costs only 300-350 ish.
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maybe a washburn x50pro?

+1 Meant to be quite nice, and very reasonably priced in the UK.
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i was looking at epiphone les paul studios, anyone had any experience wth those?