Ok, so I'm pretty new to tube amps and I've had my Switchblade for about five months and I have a few questions for those who know how to use tube amps, perferably the Switchblade, better than I (used solid state combo amps for awhile... I'm such a n00b XD) :

1. When I'm on the Clean and Crunch channel, the volume is noticeably different from the Ultra channel. I turn up the Gain, but it makes the Clean channel distort. I've fixed this by turning the volume pot on my guitar down and switched the pickup switch to middle position, but is there a way to by pass this without turning the amp's volume so it blows my eardrums out when I switch to my Ultra channel live?

2. I'm also afraid to pick a speaker cabinet for my amp (I use my old Line 6 Spider II as a 2x12 cab). I've made blue prints for a homemade cab but buying speakers is a daunting process. I was thinking about going with Eminence, but I don't know what speakers will fit my playing style. I write and play progressive rock/metal, jazz fusion, ambient noise, and thrash metal.

Initial thank you's to anybody who can help me out.
Do you need a 4x12 or are you planning on making a 2x12? If doing a 2x12 I'd suggest celestion V30's. If you are doing a 4x12 then I would do half V30's and half G12T75's (also celestion).
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1.) Not sure if the amp was designed this way but on some amps if you turn up the gain on the dirty channel it affects the clean channel. If it is NOT supposed to do that then there may be a bad connection somewhere. You can also try swapping the preamp tubes around. I'm not an amp tech tho so bump for ya.

As far as the speakers, I'm guessing you are looking for something with high wattage. The only speaker experience I've had with Eminance has been the Man O War. Check it.