I'm trying to improve my technique so i can play whatever i hear in my head.
I thought i could learn some songs because i hardly cover any songs because playing other peoples music bores me (there are exceptions).
But all the songs i kinda like are to hard for me (i tried to learn a song by playing it reaaalllyy slow and after half a year i still can't play it) i just want to learn a couple of songs but everytime i start learning it it's like way too hard for me (or way too easy) so i'm kinda just messing around for hours ugh... can you feel my pain?
Start at 60 bpm or lower on your metronome. Once you can play it cleanly, move up ten bpm.
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I would identify what specific technique you want to practice on first. Then, create your own riffage/songs. I've never been good at replicating someone elses music, so I went my own way and it worked out for the better (FOR ME).

If there are riffs that are too dificult, try to make that same riff your own. Add notes, different rhythm... style, groove... just make it your own. You can challenge yourself on a daily basis good luck!