Second thread post in less than ten minutes....I really hope I'm not annoying hahaha.
Anywho, I have an Ibanez RGX320 with an Edge III floating/locking tremolo bridge system and I was wondering if it is possible to switch it out with a Floyd Rose. The main reason is that I find the D-Tuna system quite useful and I want to try the Floyd Rose for myself without buying a whole new guitar.

As before, initial thank you's to anyone who replies.
I believe that I saw a thread that said it WAS possible to swap it out for a Floyd. I could be wrong though...
It is possible I have herd stories about people doing it. I am not sure if you would have to make a body modification or not though. I'm guessing not though.
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Just remember, with a D-Tuna, you lose the ability to pull up and raise the pitch. Unless you route a slot in the guitar for the D-Tune to sink into.
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You just have to make sure that the neck pitch is the same degree for the floyd. I know the egde III is a low profile bridge but i can not remember if the neck pitch is different. Also check the bridge radius. If that's different that will throw your action off. Other than that you might have to plug and re-drill holes for the bridge posts. Those might be ifferent as well.
The trem can't be floating if you're going to use the D-Tuna since the balance is thrown off whne you lower the bottom string.
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What you are asking is perfectly possible. Youre gonna need an Original Floyd Rose, as it just drops right in the edge III spot with no routing, and youre going to need to have them put in a hipshot tremsetter, and then you can go crazy with the floyd if you have enough room to get the D-tuna to move up and down. You might have to route a little bit of the trem cavity to get that space.