I Got a Jackson Kevin bond rhoads with a Seymour Duncan JB sH-4 in bridge position
and a LTD Alexi - 200 with stock ESP-EMG pickup

now when i Pinch i cant get them to scream out like preferrably Children of Bodom does or Bullet for my valentine. how can i get them to scream?

I got a Line6 spider IV 75 watt, yesyes i know the issue with line6 not being great etc but my problem cant be fully amp related, and i know im using the right technique coz on an ENGL halfstack my pinches sound well, still not screaming like i want them to but ok. how can i get my Pinch harmonics to scream like CoB or BFMV ?

Jackson Kevin Bond Rhoads Signature model (SD Jeff Beck SH-4 pickup)
ESP LTD Alexi - 200
Ibanez Gio

Line 6 Spider IV 75

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You have to improve your technique. You should be able to get them to ring nicely on your clean channel.
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You need a new amp.

No, but seriously, it could help. I thought I was pretty good at getting pinch harmonics on my old solid-state Marshall, until I got in the market for a tube amp. Pretty much every tube amp I tried allowed me to get insane pinch harmonics. I finally settled on a 6505+ and I can make my harmonics ring until the amp starts to feedback.

But if an amp is not in the cards - play around with different shapes and thicknesses of picks. About a year ago I moved to the larger, equalateral-triangle shaped picks. With those, I find that there is a greater amount of area with which to vary the pick position in your fingers. I've also found that a slightly worn pick can help get the harmonics (not too sharp, yet not rounded off quite yet.) The other advantage to those picks is that they have 3 points, so if you wear out one point, rotate the pick and it's like new again. I actually rotate mine mid-song to change some of my picking dynamics for certain songs. My favorite picks are "custom worn" with one point slightly dull, and the other two fresh for a more biting attack.

Hope that helps.