Key- ( ) = Screamo part

My blood burns
Should be concerned
But I have learned,
That nothing Kills
All the pain that’s
Just left inside of me,
Puncture my doom now
Let me feel again,
My shell just breaks
(All my tears spent)


(Optical illusion) of the beating heart
Where and when (do I start)
Should I just walk away
Just let go of everything
Never even find out the truth
Regret even when my life is through
Stop feeding the animal that has grew
If I stopped would the (pain and it die too)


Skin now crawls
Head now deep
In the thought
Of finding a hope,
Finally get off this stoop
Forgetting about the hole
Left inside of my soul
That has taken its toll
(Now I take control)
Welcome the reaper for I am the one they call XDeAtHX