Hey so i didnt know where else to post this but anyway ...

I live in Lincoln, near Nottingham and there aren't many known guitar tutors around here. I need someone who puts a lot of effort into understanding their student and will adjust their teaching style to suit each individual.

- I've played for 7 years
- I can ace the grade 8 "rock school" tracks
- My theory sucks ass but its something im developing personally as well.
- Self taught so i've got a few bad habits, nothing that really hinders me but i'd love to know how to correct them where neccessary
- Looking to develop my playing, theory and understanding.
- I can play blues, rock, classical, pop, funk, some styles im better at than others but the most important thing i want to get out of lessons is technique and understanding the way these styles are constructed (e.g typical chord progressions, modes used).


any recommendations on someone near nottingham/lincoln/grantham area that teaches past grade 8, also with or without teaching basic-intermediate theory.
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Surely there are internet websites to help you find a tutor?

Also, are you from Nottingham University? My sister goes there.


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Rob Chappers. I'm not sure where he lives, but he seems like a nice guy from what I've seen on Youtube.
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