Hey everyone,

I'm in search of a little enlightenment. I've currently got a hughes and kettner trilogy head and I'm just not happy with how it sounds. The clean channel is quite harsh on the attack and the ultra lead sounds beefy but is a little beefy. I really like the crunch channel but thats not enough to keep me drawn in!.

So i'm probably going to sell it and look for a new amp but the question is.... which amp?!!

I know everybody has their own personal taste but I haven't been amp hunting for ages and a few suggestions would go down great. I'm probably looking at somewhere between £1000 and £1200 topside.

I've got a fender strat and mostly play post rock\proggy stuff. I like to have clean clean sound and heavy distortion but smooth. I don't mind getting a single channel amp if that means getting a good distortion pedal. I just want something that works for me!

Any advice I would be really grateful!

Honestly you need to drive down to your local music store or something and try out a few, we can only give you some generalized ideas, what sounds good to you and what responds to your playing style is ultimately your choice, only your ears can decide that for you. Good luck though, I know how frustrating the search for a new amp can be.
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