Hello, I know that a thread like this is probably over done, but I'm going passive; thinking of going with either Gibson 57 Classic neck & 57 Classic Plus bridge, OR SD Jazz neck & JB bridge.

I'll be putting them in an Epiphone Les Paul Classic (or Traditional...I don't remember).
Music style - Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Funeral for a Friend.

Thank you!
Both of those combos will sound really bad for what you want to play.

What amp are you playing through?
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The Jazz JB wont be bad for that stuff. I have that in my EC-1k and its pretty good at doing Funeral, BB sucks and I know little about them or their sound, and if you ran something hotter than the JB in the bridge, you'll be even better off for Bullet.

EDIT: wait - are the Jazz and the 59 the same pickup? I never remember with SDs.
I'm sold on the JB/Jazz "Hot Rodded set.
Just trying to decide whether I would like the Nickel look, or the regular black ones.

What do you think? for Les Paul Goldtop