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just wanted to restring the guitar and adjust the truss rod for the very first time because the guitar was buzzing too much after a while. My problem is that I can´t really find the spot where I can adjust the truss rod Inside the guitar are two "screws" for the allen key, but these are obviously to assure the neck on the body (I was able to unscrew both of them and the neck didn´t tight or something).
I hope here´s anybody who knows where to adjust the tross rod of that guitar, I´m kinda clueless right now.

The tross rod may not be the right solution to fix the buzzing. The guitar neck angle needs to be evaluated before you should be touching the truss. If it is an action issue as opposed to a neck angle, the solution will be elsewhere.
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Bah, I´m so stupid. I didn´t have a correct screwdriver to remove that truss rod cover, but honestly I didn´t expect that it hides unter that at an acoustic guitar. Fixed that now, and it definitely had to do with the truss rod. Action is a bit higher now (but still comfortable to play) and buzzing a way less. Thank you anyways!

it's the wrong thing to do. you don't change the action with the truss rod - you change the neck relief, which will not fix the problem as much at the top and bottom of the neck as in the middle. btw, if your guitar just started buzzing, chances are the problem is a lack of humidity, which can cause your guitar to crack.

go here and find out the right thing to do.
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