Hey guys I'm just wondering if you have any opinions on the Traynor YCV series. They seem to have a pretty low resale value and I've heard some good things. I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks.

I briefly played through a YCV 40 and it was pretty sweet and I'm thinking about investing in the YCV 80. One thing I'm not sure about is how well the amp would take pedals. Does anyone have any info on that?

So what are your thoughts on the YCV series or the YCV80 more specifically?


Edit* Also, I'm not sure whether I'd go with the YCV 80 (2x12) or the YCV80Q (4x10). Would the 4x10 sound more fuller?
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I currently use a modded YCV 40 and probably won't sell it unless I need a kidney or something =P.
I'm away at University right now, so I can't so much comment on how it takes pedals, as I've been running my newly bought pedals into my Pod (my Muff, my Compressor, etc). My Wah sounded really amazing through it, as did my Box of Rock. I used the amp's overdrive + boost for leads and my BoR for a brighter rhythm tone. Really worked wonders.
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Why the 80?

Otherwise, I say go for the Traynor. I hear they take pedals well. I've played several Traynors now and I really like them. Check out the Traynor thread here too.

But seriously, why not just get the YCV50 Blue (actually only Black now I think) with the Celestion speaker and better tubes?

I have a YCV50 Blue and I love it! I play mainly modern punkish stuff through it, with a digitech bad monkey and I love it. It is a little full on for bedroom use maybe, but it is a nice amp. The clean is pretty nice too, play a bit of country though it. It is a dark amp though (I think the 40 is supposed to be voiced a little brighter?).

They are quiet amps in terms of unwanted noise, but the monkey adds a bit of hiss so I have a noise gate before the preamp to clean that up. I have a cheapo chorus pedal and it takes that very badly in the fx loop, but I also have a Malekko 616 delay and that sounds fantastic in the loop, so I'm guessing the cheapo pedal is the culpret and not the amp.

I have an American one (I'm in the UK) so I have to use a transformer, but would love to get a UK version although they are few an far between. I read somewhere that the YCV50 is better for dirty the YCV40 has a nicer clean. I looked into the YCV80, but decided it is way too much for home use (for me anyway), and as I said earlier I think the YCV50 is teetering on the edge for being to full on for at home.

The YCV50 holds up great in a band situation though, and it has never let me down. It is also built like a brick sh*t house, and everything is a good quality.

All in all I don't think you can go wrong with Traynor.