Early in the morning? Like before breakfast? Or should you do it on a full stomach. Are there advantages to certain times of the day? Do lunar cycles make a difference? I'm trying to learn sweep picking but having difficulty and I wondered your opinions?
The best time to do sweep picking is when your practicing sweep picking. I still have difficulty with sweep picking but it's getting better with much practice. Just practice and you'll get better. There's no trick to learning sweep picking.
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but there must be a trick to it cuz im SO BAD at it

You have to make sure you're facing east and it must be right after you take a dump weighing 2kg's exactly. Does this help?
Nah it's the same as everything, you've just gotta keep at it (i'm sure you're sick of hearing that by now)
Nope. Believe it or not everyone was bad at sweep picking at one time. I was horrible at it for awhile as well. It's just a matter of practicing and time. Start slow and gradually work your way up. A metronome is the best way to do it. Always use a metronome. It's a great tool for any musician.
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ok i'll try the east-facing shit method, see if that works. thanks guys.

It's kinda hard to time....especially if you don't like weighing shit....
I have found that you have to have one sock higher than the other which counter balances your body and allows for the free flow of your pick hand and the rapid movements of your fret hands to perfectly align and form that beautiful sweep sound. i also sweep when my floors are dirty.

honestly though, use a metronome with timing and slow practice until you have built up speed.
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yeah, this started off bad and got worse.

TS, there's loads of threads about sweeping - try asking a more sensibly-worded question next time.
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