Fade my eyes
Blacken the times
Let me ride
The dead overtime
Rise to blade
Sharpen your shame
Wicked end come
Hollowed only one

Nothing seems right anymore to me
Misleading promises now gone today
Hating the stories of every single day
Nothing goes right let me pass away
Cause I’m tired of hearing everyone’s accomplishments
Want to shut it all the hell up and walk away
Turning enigmas in my head
Seeing the place where I lie instead of stand
Never wanna reach out my ****ing hand again
So look away from me right now
Im a king inside without his crown
Fallen statue now prepared own brigade
Nothing makes sense confusing everything

Create my path
Seldom never lasts
Creature from mud
Mess with everyone
Ash the kills
Wake up thrills
Motivated by past
Anger building fast
Curse from the one
Left life begun

I'm looking for feedback
planning on starting a band
Welcome the reaper for I am the one they call XDeAtHX