i will soon be teaching some young kids how to play guitar and i wont them to be able to learn a song as quick as possible just to give them a boost to get in to learning guitar. so what are some easy songs ( 3 chords at most) that would be good for them to learn?
knockin on a heavens door by guns and roses or bob dylan - almost everyone i know (including myself) started with this song
green day
smoke on the water
Schecter Hellraiser C-1
Fernandes Dragonfly
Peavey Valveking 112

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Guthrie Govan's "Fives" is technically only three chords.

Some good starter songs are things like:

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Anything by AC/DC
House of the rising sun
Smoke on the water (as mentioned)
near enough any pop punk songs.

But what helps is to teach these songs at a personal level, ask them what they want to learn a bit before you teach them (or at least what they're into so you get an idea) so you can teach them something they'll enjoy.

I taught my first student Smells Like Teen Spirit as a first song because he wanted to know an easy song.
Where my second student is wanting to learn Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden, not a conventional first song, but it'll still be teachable and he'll enjoy it!
i am going to teach them songs around the kinda music that they like but i am mostly wanting ideas cause i dont think i have a good view of what is easy.something that i think might be easy for them might actually be to hard.

AC/DC - Highway to hell

Nirvana - Come as you are

Deep Purple - Smoke on the water
8,13, and i think the other one is 13 also.I played guitar with the 8 year old the other day and i am thinking it will be difficult for him cause his hand dont look like they are big enough yet