Poll: Which way do you tilt your head?
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View poll results: Which way do you tilt your head?
Right, always!
54 15%
Right, mostly!
104 29%
Left, always!
17 5%
Left, mostly!
53 15%
Try to do both
41 11%
Never kissed before
66 18%
29 8%
Voters: 364.
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This thread is inspired by this chick I kissed who wouldn't even open her mouth.

So pit, how do you tilt your head when you kiss?
I don't know
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
To the left.

I'm also left-handed. I wonder if there is a correlation.
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EDIT: Seriously, I don't remember. Ugh.
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To the right, I mean who doesn't lol, right?

Lol I tilt my head to the right all the time yeah definatly right yeah I kiss alot and I always tilt it right yeah man it's like woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my head is going right from all the kissing man.
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Whichever way I damn well feel like.

But usually right because both me and my girlfriend are right side dominant
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Left. Right seems odd, plus I always lie on the right side of the bed, so leaning right would mean I'd have to put effort in to life my head (from a 'lying on side' position).

Oh and I'm right handed.
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I guess it correlates to which handed you are.
Problems would arise when you end up kissing someone who's opposite, and you'd just end up nutting them.
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I guess it correlates to which handed you are.
Problems would arise when you end up kissing someone who's opposite, and you'd just end up nutting them.

I do this all the time, bitch always goes right and I go left.
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Usually to the right but whatever's convenient in the particular situation.
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My scene kid emo fringe goes to the right.. so yeah, figures i tilt to the right.
Alternate, but usually to the Right.
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Always right

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Closest I've gotten is to the right, so that's it for me.
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Is "down" an option? *creepy wink*

I first thought "I always go right, who doesn't?" But then I realized I can't recall a SINGLE INSTANCE where I've actually gone right! I'm always on the left side of a girl I kiss somehow... hmm I should put myself to the left more often, maybe there's a correlation.

To the 17% so far who are more honest than is good for you: I didn't kiss anyone, or drink, or do drugs before age 18. MORE than made up for it since then haha.
Left always.

Although I do usually switch between sides during kissing, but it's always left first.
I vary a lot, whatever the groove flows with. Passionate kissing ftw.
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to the right, then to the left, then back to the right.

This is basically my whole strategy.

What follows is usually some fondling.
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This is basically my whole strategy.

What follows is usually some fondling.

And then a slap.

Or is that just me?
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For the initial I go right but if we're talking some smooches for extended amounts of time I tend to switch it up...really just so my neck doesn't hurt.
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Only happened twice for me. The first time I had no idea it was coming so I didn't tilt either way and stood still for about 30 seconds in shock. Second time I tilted right.

By the way, I'm 17 and both of those were a year ago
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Which ever way seems appropriate at the time. Usually right tho.
^^ Hahah, I'm just kidding.. or am I?

Don't click this.
Depends which way she tilts sometimes. I can't remember which way I normally go. I think I mostly go for the right.
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The right, most of the time as I tend to be the ones that leads
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