I've uploaded a new track i recorded today which is called Pre-Immature (crap name i know, i just needed to call it something)

It was originally based on Bob Marleys 'Concrete Jungle' so it has a Reggae vibe to it.

It's just a demo that i recorded in a few hours so it isn't too great but i thought that i would share it with you all.

Unfortunatly the mix changed when it was converted from wav to MP3 but nevertheless, if you could criticise it i would be grateful.

The track is on my Profile Page:
Quote by ohspyro89
It sounds...incredibly off time. I can't get over that part, it's hard to listen to Holmes!

Totally, when i ever record bass it goe's in delayed which just ends up in everything else falling around it.
So yeh, i really need to sort out some proper recording equiptment.
Thanks for the feedback
what do u use to record? audacity shouldn't lag like that. Hmm maybe if u edit right, like take a little time off one track it would fix the playback problem. The quality is actually good I thought. even though it was off timed I still thought it was diffrent and good. just yea, get some equipment and you'll make a good improvement.

and acoustic

a alternative metal