Okay so i have this issue with all my guitars, no matter what i do its still coming in, theirs a dumb Easy Listening station near my house and blowing it up is out of the question right now. My rig is as is

both guitars with passives
(87' Epiphone Spotlight, others an Alexi-200)

Sienna 30 by Kustom

Ml-2 Metalcore cranked for the high's (i get a real good scream outa my guitars)
Classic Wah (of course need that one(
Rocktron Big Crush Compressor

All these run into a surge protector/power strip which helped cut it slightly but its still pretty bad

Now i do not wana remove any part of this set up, what should my next step be? Cables? or should i start building that napalm bomb now...?
I've had that happen before. My band was messing around at practice and my Keyboard player plugged into the effects loop of my amp. It essentially turned it into a radio that only picked up conservative talk stations.

Anyhow, have you tried moving the position of your amp? Besides that, you might try getting some sort of shielded guitar cables.
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I had this problem on an electrical device. I added an RC lowpass filter with a cutoff frequency just above 20 kHz and that solved the problem.
my amp picks up the ticking from my watch when im playing so i gotta take it off every time now. I can also hear when my cellphone is about to get a text cuz i hear a weird static sound, but only when im using headphones
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