I have a left handed ZV Standard that I'm looking to sell to help pay for a high end Schecter. Has a few very small dings. The biggest flaw in it is a marred input jack. I had it fixed in a guitar shop a year or so ago, and it functions perfectly. The pick guard also has a black spot from playing. I'm sure all of the PG's they put on these react that way. Also, the finish on the pickups collects marks like the back of a jewel case on an iPod. Message if you are interested. Make me an offer. These run $700-$800 brand new. I'm willing to consider all serious offers.

I'll gladly send more pics, bigger and showing all the spots I am talking about, to you upon request.

Thanks a lot.
Hey man I found one of these new on South Paw.com for $599 and just wanted to see what you would take to part with the guitar. Please let me know as I am very interested. Thanks!