My take on the farewell ballad. I am not trying to sound/be like Zakk Wylde, cause i could never outdo him...

I just thought it would be good, to stimulate my own creativity for once ;-)

So it's not a note for note cover.



PS: don't you guys notice that most of the people covering this song, have a vibrato that sounds like they are strangling a chicken ?? (i hope i don't sound like that)
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Very nice. Your vibrato and bends are good. I think a lot of people tend to neglect working on vibrato but only because they're more focused on other aspects of playing. It's very important; however, because even the most simple solos can really come to life with good vibrato and bends.
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Great sound, Your Vibrato and bens are superb :p
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That's very cool. You sound much better when you pick your melodies and don't try and bust'a'move, so I guess that's something to work on, but good job nevertheless.
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That's very cool. You sound much better when you pick your melodies and don't try and bust'a'move, so I guess that's something to work on, but good job nevertheless.

I don't really understand... what do you mean with 'bust a move' ? (the fast bits)
and with 'try' i am assuming you meant a failed attempt at 'busting a move' ?

Thanks for the crit anyway. Most of the people don't even respond even if the topic has a c4c remark in it...

Very impressive man. I like your improvising. But i think if you play Zakk Wylde you should play or pick more aggressive . Check out my Mama I'm Coming Home solo cover and give me some advice
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I tried to put as much feeling in it as i could. It was never intended to be a note for note cover. but rather gave my own spin to it :-)

hope this helps,

Man, you are an amazing guitar player ! jut love it..
Well Done !!!!!!
Holy crap dude that was face melting! Loving the improvisation! I agree with your youtube video description, I dislike it when people play completely note for note.

I was kinda tired of doing note for note covers. I mean it's good for practicing your tech, but hardly stimulates the creativity....

thanks for the comment !

I agree with you, it's not all about speed. But to be honest the original isn't really that fast....

Just a few hamer on and pull offs with some (a lot :-P) of wah, that gives the illusion of sounding really fast.

Zakk can really shredd, but he ain't doing it in the farewell ballad..

again, thank you for your kind words.

Awesome sound and good job for expanding your creativity skills. You definitely have the talent to play in a band!

And that got the blues by Gary Moore, amazing job improvising it!
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Thanks for the comment on my stuff.

Your vibrato sounds like you're strangling a chicken. :-P

But in all serious, this is absolutely amazing. Your tone is phenomenal. You accent certain parts while you play that just makes it scream so much more. Very clean playing.

Ended up watching your Gary Moore cover as well, and you did it justice. He'd be proud. You nailed the tone, and you just have so much soul in it. Great work.
I loved your tone and to me your vibrato sounded great. Definitely a lot of feeling there, not just another mindless cover about getting it all perfect. You stayed true to yourself and added a lot to the song, so kudos for that.
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Thank you,

Not all people seem to understand that. There are so many youtube covers already, and even if it's perfect, you never gonna top Zakk .....

It's an open ending....

Theoretically there is nothing wrong with that. Basically the same as with fading out a song. Only mine will keep the tension up ;-)

(not entirely true as the end chord resolves the tension...)

that was pretty good, your timing is accurate, the only thing i didnt like are the bends at 0:33 ish, they sound a bit flat. thats a bit weird because you got the one at 0:43 right, oh well it happens... rock on!
To point this out to other peeps criting,

song is written in d minor so i used a d blues scale (D Blues Scale is: D, F, G, Ab, A, C, D )

i bend half a step to Ab instead of A so it fits the scale perfect. So not a flat bend as in doesn't fit the song ;-)

And to abdul, i am glad for your feedback, i didn't mean it in any disrespect (that it was all in your ears or anything), but simply telling what i was trying to achieve. I know now that not all peeps appreciate an open ending....


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