so ive been looking for something to plug my guitar into my Macbook with to record using garage band. i dont know much about recording except that the microphone built into my macbook sucks ass. so does anybody have suggestions on what i should buy?
M-Audio MobilePre (or similar interface) and a microphone. Anything else you'd need for a basic recording set up you can just pirate
well i use this thing that i bought at guitar center for like 3$ and it has a hole for a guitar jack and has a end for a headphone i also think their is a cord that has a guitar jack to a headphone jack hope this helped
im no expert watsoever, but as far as i kno, you have 2 or three options.

1. if you have something like a peavey vypyr, it has a usb out that can go right into the computer
2. if you have a headphone out or a line out from ur amp, just go guitar -> amp -> computer via line out
3. if you want to go directly form your guitar to ur computer u need some kind of preamp, you can get something like this that should suffice http://www.ikmultimedia.com/irig/features/
all u need to make your life soooo fuking easy is a Line 6 Pod XT Live http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Line-6-Pod-XT-Live-w-Metal-Pack-installed-/160576853331?pt=UK_Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2563205553#ht_500wt_1156. plus 1 guitar cable ,a usb cable . and another 2xjack to pc cable and guitar all u will ever need they go for anything between 80 to 140 pounds second hand .new i think they over 200 dont buy new