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buy the footswitch for my 75 then sell it and get a different stack
0 0%
buy the footswitch and get a Vypyr stack
2 100%
Voters: 2.
Hey, I have a Peavey Vypyr 75 right now. I was thinking about getting the Sanpera II footswitch for it, but then I realized I will probably be getting a Stack fairly soon. The problem is that the Sanpera footswitch only works with the Peavey Vypyr series,

these are the only two stacks in the series



Do you think I should

-buy the footswitch for my 75 then sell it and get a different stack

-buy the footswitch now for my 75 then later buy one of the Vypyr stacks and keep the footswitch for it

Thanks in advance, Adam
this is kind of a mess of a thread.

First of all....do you like your Vypyr as is. ?
Do you use lots of effects or cover lots of ground?
Do you gig?
Why a stack?

i'm assuming you don't have much of a budget? maybe start over with this as a format:


Those two vypyr heads are pretty different. One is the 120 watt power tube head version and one is a 30 watt solid state power head version.

(pay no mind to whoever posts next)
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let me try and save you some money, get rid of ur vypyr. i had the exact same amp with the sanpera one footswitch. if u need to go loud enough to buy a stack, get rid of the vypyr and buy a decent solid state or tube amp. i kno how much you might hate to hear it, and i cant stand it either when ppl on here just tell you to get a new amp, but its tru. if your playing in a band, then a modeling amp is not what you need. modeling amps r trying to be something they rnt. and i always had issues with mine squealing and breaking up at higher volumes. try and find an older marshall mg series if you want to keep the cost down, i was able to trade mine straight up for a used marshall mg250dfx and i was wicked happy with it. i then moved on to a vht special 6 ultra, which is a handwired tube amp and it is amazing.

as cool as it may be to have the effects and different sounds on the vypyr, you really only need a clean and a drive channel. maybe one or two effects here and there. but one way or another, an amp that sounds like only that amp instead of 12 other amps will always have a much better tone than anything else

always go tube if you can, u'll be alot happier