sorry for posting 2 threads up in the same day, but i couldn't resist asking lol

I've been searching for a good tube amp that can be played in the bedroom and in a band situation. I play basically any genre of music, from country to metal, rock to jazz...so the amp im looking for have to be pretty versatile. From what i can tell, randall is a good brand and gives some good quality stuff...i've even been told several times that Randall can even be considered the kind of SS amps.

From scanning Musiciansfriend and other various sites, i've discovered this little thing:


I've read up reviews and other things of that nature and from what i can tell is that i'd probably have to change the tubes...which im fine with (i dont necessarily know how to do that, but i'd learn....btw, recommend some tubes that are considered good...i'd prefer a more vintagey tone...more buttery like Carlos Santana mixed with Metallica lol)

Anyway, what im really wondering is if this would be a good amp to buy for versatility and tone. Its at a good price (my budget is 1000$ but i'd rather buy a good amp and a new set of pickups or a pedal to go with it)

If its not a good amp, please tell me some amps that are good. If you commented on the last thread i put up about the Krank Rev Jr. 50w then just post on this again please, i'll be sure to read it lol.

random info that can help:
Favorite bands:
Pantera, Metallica, The Eagles, The Grateful Dead, Queen, Carlos Santana (or anything he does, i love his style), Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley, The Temptations, Van Halen.

Favorite Genres:
If i had to choose, i would pick Metal, Blues and Hard/Classic Rock

The main reason i posted this up is because i cant find a SINGLE video on youtube or anywhere about it...so i have no clue about the tone or sound of it, all i know is that Randall is pretty much Metal beast when it comes to amps. Thanks guys!
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BTW, im sorry i didnt post it up there ^ but i have a Epi Les Paul with Stock Pickups...it tends to be a bit darker and muddy, which is why im switching out the Pickups...I'll probably buy the Hot Rodded set from seymour duncan (Duncan JB & Jazz) OR the SD Custom and 59', i've heard both are good