Hi there, I currently run .050's to .010s on my epi les paul for the above tunings and sometimes standard Im fairly happy with the thickest 3 strings (could be a bit tighter but otherwise its nice for playing stuff like KsE) the issue Im having is the G B and E strings in Drop C are a bit too loose for my liking however are really nice in Drop D so what really would be best? getting some 11-50's or just going with some 11-52's?

I dont mind the E A and D strings being a bit tighter in standard or Drop D I just dont want it to ruin the guitar by having too much tension so really would .052 strings be safe in Drop D / Standard is the main question I guess.. I dont want to go higher than .011 on the E string though as I've tried .012's and didnt like it :/
Hey, I run 10 - 52's on my drop D guitar, and 11 - 53's on my drop C, sometimes 12 - 54's if I want a change
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no....that would be the opposite of what he wants. he liek the tention on his bottom 3
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these are the best options as far as stings go, the problem however could be more the scale of the guitar or the tuners, some scales will give more tension. If the problem is that the strings don't quite feel solid enough (or stay in tune) you could upgrade your tuners, also If you came from an acoustic all electrics will feel too loose. You might also try raising the bridge a little it will make the strings feel more tense
Im using Daddario light top heavy bottoms now, as for tuning or w/e its nothing with the tuners or anything im guessing its down to the shorter scale length (24.75") and the lighter strings having less tension.

the packs I was looking at wa GHS GBM Boomers at 11-50 or getting D'Addario Medium top heavy bottoms.. Looking at it now the original question is pretty stupid :L I thaught I only had a .050 on not a 0.52. So really it comes down to now is .011's or .012's for the 3 tunings?