This is mainly part discussion part suggestion of songs to listen to that really kicked a great metal riff for this and last year.

If you got youtube link to go along with your suggestion even better!

Heres a list of songs with great metal that i liked for last 2 years - theres alot more than this though:

Artist - Song Name

Shinedown - Son Of Sam

Shinedown - Devour

Stratovarious - Game Never Ends

Tarot - Calling Down The Rain

Stone Sour - The Bitter End

Raintime - Fire Ants

Pretty Maids - Cielo Drive

James Labrie - This is War

Dagoba - Degree Zero

Lets see what you digged these last 2 years - i have more - will add more when i get some time
Some songs deserve the metal title - but overall they are bit more rock ... but the songs i posted i think deserve to be mentioned for some nice heavy riffs
Nah mate

EDIT: I don't have the mod password right now but this is a close
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