Basically, I'm having trouble replicating a song and I'm wondering if its because I lack gear/ knowledge of how to use it or if my problem is they used studio magic.

What I'm having trouble with is they seem to have slight delay at first but at the end of the same riff it seems they bumped the delay so that it echoed. Any ideas if its gear I'm lacking or am I just missing something?

The song is C.o.B's Everytime I die and its around 10-18 seconds in.
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You're missing brains.

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Anyhow, there are a lot of different effects the engineer can add to bits and pieces of a final cut song that is multitracked. While the effect you describe could be a physical stompbox or something, it could also have been a panned delay added in studio. Try and find the song live and see how the artist replicates that effect. Hope this helps.
Thank you that was very helpful. Given that they don't seem to have it echo live it seems to be added in the studio, Any ideas how I could create the effect without buying 2 delay pedals?
definitely sounds like another effect (delay+reverb) is getting added on towards the end of the section there (or the rate and depth of the delay is being adjusted on the fly). it also sounds like theres some double tracking going on (not a surprise really)

to replicate it live, I would simply set the delay to the slower setting you hear at the end. that seems to be what they use live.