I'm planning to change the stock QM1 neck in my Ibanez s1625 with a Paf Pro. I need some help with converting the QM1 colour codes to DiMarzio colours. No search has yielded results yet and the Ibanez site seems down for me at the moment.

The 5 way switch is a little different in this one:
1(closest to me when playing): neck in series
2: neck in parallel
3: both humbuckers (in series?)
4: split coils (in series?)
5: bridge in series.

I'd like to keep the parallel wiring since it's great for clean.

The QM1 has red, black, green, white and bare wires. White and bare both to ground.
The Paf Pro has the same colour wires.

Heres the current wiring for the QM1 pickup only
2: green
3: red
7: wire from lug 2
8: black

If I just switch the black and white when I fit the Paf Pro would this be correct?