I have a Schecter Demon 7 FR that hasn't been feeling good lately,

-First, the distortion sounds awfully muffled, it feels like i can't get any treble out of it, the guitar has active Duncan Designed HB - 105s. I'm going to try swapping the batterys next time I play it.
-I'm finding the high frets hard to play, i have to push real hard and legato is near impossible. I'm assuming a lighter string guage will help this.
-there's a wire that was soldered onto the bridge inside the guitar that didn't seem to be connected to anything. What's it's purpose and what will fixing it do?

What I mostly want to know is if these are maintenance problems or does the guitar not satisfy my expectations?
My other guitar is a Sterling JP50 w/ a Dimarzio Crunch Lab and that might be why I am having trouble with the strings/distortion. The two guitars feel like opposites when I play them.