"I have been working on some music and the only thing I can't do is sing. My
deathmetal vocals suck and that is the truth. I was founding member of Timeghoul
and really just thought it would be fun to create some more brutal obscure
music. I am not into Reality based lyrics at all so if you want to slam
somebodies religion then join all the other mindless drones. I am looking for
sci-fi, Horror, fantasy type lyrics. Of course I like Timeghoul vocals alot and
the lyrics also. Prefer the more pronounced vocal delivery over the
undestingable burps. I do want to put a demo out or possibly a CD but as far as
touring probably not. I am a family man with an 8th month old child. I possibly
could use a drummer to save me time but I could do it myself. The music is slow
at times and fast at times and just plain wierd at times but it will have a
darkfeel. I do not play blues scales that is for sure. Infact I do not play
leads at all really just melodies that repeat and creat a mood. Any way I have
almost completed one song so there is no hurry or timeline. Let me know if you
interested and send some vocal samples and maybe lyrics if you wish. This purely
fun but of course if we work together and produce something to sell you would
get your share."

I was sent this message via last.fm from grevlar, the aforementioned Timeghoul guitarist. So please, for the love of good things, someone please submit something good to this guy.
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I have contacted him.
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