Hi all,

Heres a song of mine entitled "Hollow Point". This is from my solo project, Frequency Void.

I posted an unfinished version of this track months ago. I finally got around to putting together a video for it, and decided to upload it.
I'd love to hear some constructive criticism from you guys, please feel free to check it out.
This is an instrumental track. There are no vocals, and there never will be. I don't feel that vocals would contribute anything to the song.

The video is in the "About Roast" section on my page: Clicky HERE

C4C, please POST A LINK to your thread, and I can crit your recording too.

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Your a great guitarist man, very cool. You didn't miss a note/beat. The biggest thing that stuck out right away is tone quality. Its sounds really newbie-ish. you don't play like you are, but since ur really good at computers. Finding recording software and recording with a direct line and audio interface would really make it better.

and acoustic

a alternative metal