I was wondering how the pit learn and memorize songs

Do you start with the lyrics? I kinda start with that then go find out the scale for the song

then I try with difficulty to recognize the chords. It kinda takes me a long time because I'm

a noob but at least when I get it down I remember it for a long time.
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I can recite all the lyrics to Beck's album Mellow Gold. So I'm a champ at memorizing lyrics. And it doesn't hurt that I think it's the best album ever.

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*edit OT I suck at memorizing lyrics..music I can deal with but I always have to have cheat sheets for lyrics while performing
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*edit OT I suck at memorizing lyrics..music I can deal with but I always have to have cheat sheets for lyrics while performing

Were quite the opposite. I really have a hard time memorizing the music. Is it just really drilling a part to your head until you can play it in your sleep or something.

or maybe I'm just lazy
I try to find some sort of pattern like oh wow it looks like a llama so i'll just play it!
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I learn the chord progressions and the general gist of the accompanying leads if any and improvise where necessary. Lyrics I rarely memorize because they're not important to me.
Lyrics come with time I think, sometimes you don't even realize that you've memorized the whole songs lyrics, but you have.

As far as the music part goes, I usually only learn songs that I know, rarely will I learn a random song I've never heard of, so I think knowing the song helps with memorizing it because you're used to it, the way it sounds and stuff.
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I can't memorize lyrics for shit. I can recognize them, but I can rarely recall them. That's probably because I listen to music in the background, so I'm more apt to learn the way the song sounds musically than lyrically. It's easier to memorize guitar parts for some reason.
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I play guitar, bass, and drums. The easiest way for me to memorize songs is for me to learn the song on all instruments, or at least guitar and drums. For lyrics, I just look up the lyrics or w/e and try to sing them to myself w/o music.
I'm great at lyrics, which is wonderful, seeing how I'm a vocalist. Getting progressions down isn't usually a problem either, although some of them cause a bit more trouble than others.
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