Hey there, I wrote this song at a really important time of my life.
The recordings not perfect but I really hope you find it similiar to yourself.

lol the chorus is strip it down girl.
**** yea =)


I would greatly appreciate a comment, anything you'd like, short or long. If your goin got rip on it, plz add at least one good thing.. SOme people are just dicks and like hateing, giving no advice cuz they just wanna feel better, cuz they suck.

Oh and ENJOY
I love it : )

I really like the thing you did with the backwards sounds (not sure of the right name), I don't know why but it always gets to me. I like the guitar work, and you have a pretty good voice. My only complaint was that the vocals were a bit too loud in the mix, but other than that it was good.
I think it sucks hardcore dude. Im sorry man. Vocals, don't dig them. I'd speed it up a little bit.