Ok, so I can't afford to buy another amp strictly for my acoustic-electric, so I'm wondering....can I just use my Fender solid state that I've already got with? Will there be a difference in sound? And what about when I play live?

thanks in advance!
It won't hurt your amp, just understand, it won't sounds as acoustic as through an acoustic amp, but you could do it and it should sound fine, just might want to make sure your volume on the acoustic is NOT maxed, or it might sound like poo and run the risk of hurting the input
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thanks for making an old dude feel like his advice is actually taken into consideration
So for practice there is nothing wrong with using your electric guitar amp. In a gig, depending on the type of pickup your guitar has, you might sound better going through a PA. If your guitar has a magnetic soundhole pickup then you want to use your electric guitar amp even when gigging because the Hi Z pickup matches up with the Hi Z input on an electric guitar amp. There is no need to spend money on a dedicated acoustic amp.
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