When I don't have a lot of time to practice in a day, I just play a few scales for like half an hour. Is that a good way to practice and get better? I know C, G, and F. I used to play horns, and I was surprised that it only took me a few minutes to figure out how to do them on the guitar. xD I can play C pretty fast, G and F I've only done a few times. Anyway will doing them benefit me?
are you just going up and down the scales cause thats not going to do much
instead of playing tham as fast as posibble try actually playing around with them
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are you just going up and down the scales cause thats not going to do much
instead of playing tham as fast as posibble try actually playing around with them

Yeah just up and down. I'll play whole notes, then half notes, etc. Like I said, I used to play the sax and trumpet so obviously it helps a lot doing it that way.

I'm doing it more to help me with my accuracy and stuff. How should I do them to help me improve though?
Play fast scales if you want to play fast scales.

It'll help you with articulation and getting the bare bones of what it takes to make music but that's all it'll do for you: the facility to play scales with control (assuming you practice the scales properly)
It's a good way to get good at playing scales, simple as...and I doubt that's what made you want to pick up a guitar. Playing through scales is a good warmup and picking dril and can help get you used to moving your fingers around the fretboard. However,beyond the technical aspects it has very little benefit, you shouldn't be devoting an excessive amount of time through them and burning up and down scales chasing the metronome just so you can get them faster is a complete waste of time.
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You're better off learning melodies and chords for entire tunes when you first start. Get some momentum with some actual music!
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From my experience, learning scales is only good for learning where the notes are in a certain key, that was you're a lot more free to improvise and write your own music. If you just play over a scale time and time again, you just learn the scale shape for the time being. It will help you, but try not to obsess over it. Focus more on using the scale rather than just being able to play it quickly
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Yeah I'm only doing them when I first pick it up to warm up. I've gotten pretty fast with my chords. I have learned a few songs already. I think I'm pretty much right on track in my progress. Anyway thanks for all the advice.
I would practice the scale only so much as to have it memorized and to make the finger movements feel natural. Try to focus most of your efforts on getting riffs, melodies, and actual musical phrases down. Those will be more useful to practice than any running of scales could ever be.
I recommend playing them in fifths. It throws some diversity in them, and really helps with alternate picking, if you are learning them for technique. Helped me out a lot.