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The intro track: A little weird with the side sticks to be honest, but it sounds kinda ambient with the choir ahs. If this is the mood youre going for, it could be improved as well, try looking at a strings part in the background, and some ambient noise, like white noise would be cool.

When the instruments all come in, it sounds very powerful yet weak at the same time. What you should do is give those powerchords an octave, (like 0-0-0, instead of 0-0), that will help full out the sound. More importantly, whats up with the drums? What you have is nice, but it needs some bass notes and some snare hits. Maybe its the program you used to make it, but needs some bass and snare. Besides that, the guitar parts themselves were great! I loved the octave riff.

Zombie Song - Wasnt feeling the intro, I dont why you had the guitars playing different chords, and IM not sure what the keyboard was supposed to be. If its just keyboard, then I would suggest taking it out. All through bar 10, it was just boring, its only open notes. The riff at bar 11 was much more enjoyable. The chords at bar 15 still need the octave like I said before. The sweeps and stuff: haha, wasnt bad, if you can play that stuff.

I think that the major problem is the drumtrack. I dont really think I have to go in to why or how, but better drums could make it so much better, as of now, it just really weighs it down. A bass could also help.

C4C? Id appreciate if you could check out some of my songs here
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Thank you very much for your feedback. The program I used was Tuxguitar.. I am changing the chords to be octaves right now.

As for the zombie song, it was just a fun little track I threw together and I am capable of playing it. The keyboardist wanted something to do, so I gave him the same notes as the Rhythm guitar... Hahah.