Hey guys, so i wrote this song yesterday while i was sitting by the window waiting for UPS to deliver me a bass and decided to record today. This is my first time recording and sharing my music with other people, and would like some feedback of some sort. I'm not sure where i'm going with this song yet, all i know is i like what i have so far.

P.s there is little bits of mistakes here and there and it isn't perfectly tuned, this is just a rough cut and I ultimately plan on fixing

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That's pretty cool, it sounds a bit bluesy, very chill, and laid back. The audio quality wasn't that bad either, and everything sounded fine to me.
Yeah for your first recording that was very impressive. another plus is you wrote which is very cool. you have a very simple beat, I think if you keep playing, you'll get really good fast and try to work on vocals. even if you suck, its good to learn.

and acoustic

a alternative metal

I really like the chord progression and rythm section. And the sound quality was good. The guitar did sound out of tune, like you mentioned, and to me it sounded like the song stood still a lot. But then again, as you said, you aren't done with the song yet, and the first one minute sounds good.

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Really really liked it. For first recording it was awesome - chill tune, great bass line... didn't notice any out-of-tune moments either. What software did you use to record it?
Pretty polished for a first time. Your guitar sounds a bit out of tune though, or perhaps it needs to be intonated? It's the little things like that, that can make a huge difference! I agree with mxrider139. Keep recording, it's one of the best ways to improve.
Relaxing track, but work on those bends more. I like the last half the most. Nice melodies and sounds way better than my first recording, so that was awesome. Keep on going and let me know when you finish the song. I'd really like to hear a final track.

Crit for crit, good sir?
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