so ive just replaced my pick-ups on my rg1550. now they originally had an v7, s1 and v8, and i replaced them with a paf joe in neck, dimarzio area 67 in middle and dimarzio fred in bridge.

i don't have much experience with wiring a guitar, so i asked the guys at the guitar store to do it. and i asked them to put it in the same wiring the rg1550 originally was in.

so the problem i am having is that the paf joe and fred is half as loud as the area 67, and both sound almost identical (the area 67 sounds like the right amount of output). im also barely getting any harmonics coming through. its like the fred and paf joe only has a mid range. like they both have no detail and sound flat.

this sounds completely different to when i played the same pickups on the basically the same guitar (this is running through my jcm 800).

honestly the v7 and v8 sounded miles better. what do you think could be the problem here?

that being said, the area 67 is much further back the the other 2.
Are they humming? They may have been wired out of phase. If the tech followed Seymour Duncan colour codes, the coils would be wired out of phase in parallel.
they're not humming, but i should also mention that when i use the 5-way switch between them they make this annoying tick noise. haven't experienced that before.
hopefully the same way the v7,v8 and s1 were wired. which is the same as this if im not mistaken

or at least thats what i told them to do. like i said i don't have much wiring experience. im also not sure how to check its current setup. (yeah most of my musicality is on classical instruments).

another interesting thing ive noticed is that its loudest when ive selected between one of the humbuckers and the middle. like both of the sounds are just combining rather than splitting.
Could you open up the control cavity and tell me where each coloured wire from each humbucker is going? That help me tell you whether its wired correctly or not.
yeah the rg1550 is wired slightly different, i think i have to go through the pickguard to see that.
Well without knowing how its actually wired I can't help. Its most likely wired incorrectly though.
alright. ill try to remove the pickguard and write whats going on down. ill report back if i find out.
yeah some of the screws are shaving, so ill take it in to the store and let them deal with it. honestly to me it sounds like they've wired it incorrectly as the 2 humbuckers sound out of phase and so quiet they're almost unusable

from what ive stated, could i get just some opinions?
It definitely sounds like they're out of phase. When they're out of phase, they'll sound very thin. And like i said, if he used SD colours, it will be in parallel and out of phase, which would decrease the output even more.
I'm with phil. They seem to be out of phase but it's impossible to say for sure with the info given here. The guitar shop should be able to sort this out for you though.
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