Poll: Chain, belt or direct drive?
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21 78%
2 7%
Direct drive
4 15%
Voters: 27.
So, UG... Belt, Chain or Direct Drive?

I'm all in for Directs, however I do no town a pair.
Currently using a DIY:ed metal-belt made out of 0.4mm spring steel. Feels somewhere in between a chain and a DD...

So what do you like?
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I use an Iron Cobra I would love to own a pair of directs just to see what the hype is all about. I love the power I feel though, with the double chain.
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Chain, I think. It seems like almost every direct drive pedal on the market above like... $300 is super light and has no intrinsic momentum, which means that it forces you to do all of the work and acts more like an extension of your foot. Sounds cool for practicing, but otherwise, meh.

I use an Off-Set double bass pedal and love it. Wouldn't trade it for anything else.
A belt-drive Gibralter double-kick for my electric kit, and Iron Cobra double kicks for my acoustic kit.

I find the Belt-drive is a fair bit quiter, which suits my electric kit well, since I want it to be as inaudible as possible. Tbh, I haven't really noticed much different between belt-drive pedals and the handful of chain-drives that I've played with over the years. If it wasn't for the short life span of the belts, I'd probably gig with the Gibralter too.
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So far, i'm a chain guy...but I wanna play a direct drive and see what the hype is about.
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I almost always use chains but I prefer the direct drive since I got an Axis Longboard single pedal. Disagree about using more effort, well for me anyway it takes less effort. But starting off took a little getting used to like with any new sort of equipment.
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sounds like this thread is just a bunch of broke guys waiting for direct drive reviews guess I'll join the crowd, because I've been wanting the scoop from a non-spokesperson for a while myself.


For the record, we've established :

Belts are quiet, but wear out quickly
Chains are the standard, solid, if a bit noisy
Nobody on UG can afford direct drive pedals.
also this
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I use a chain drive pedal and I'm happy with it. Never tried a DD and like the chain better than the belt
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