So I managed to somehow break my Input socket of my amp...so I bought a new one soldered it on..still it won't work..

It appears amounts of the solder was scratched off in the process ..and I have read a little bit about "Pcb Trace"

was wondering if that could be the problem, just scratched off Pcb trace..is this do-able and relatively easy to fix?

my knowledge of electronics is close to non-existent, so as much help as from finding what the problem is to telling me how it can be fixed would be much appreciated

Take a wire, solder one end to the jack where the trace is, then solder the other end to the pad where the trace was going. You can also use some steel wool and rub off the solder mask on an unbroken part of the trace, and solder a little "bridge" from the jack along where the trace was.