Hey UG.
I'm just curious to find some new helpful DVD Lessons and/or Books.
So the title pretty much speaks for itself:
What DVD/Book/Lesson has helped you the most?
It could be anything: A very good instructor, Awesome exercises, Small helpful tips in between sections, basically anything!

some of those lick library dvds are a great help,also have to say vinnie moore instructional video was pretty helpful,learnt alot about triplet patterns etc
Guhtrie Govan! His books kick ass!
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Guhtrie Govan! His books kick ass!

This! Creative Guitar by Guhtrie Govan

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I´d say every Licklibrary DVD ive bought, mostly those with andy james as the teacher.

Also "creative fusion" with kiko luerio ( a rockhousemethod DVD ) , it helps you with arpeggios, melodic concepts and much more.