new gear day

i just got a couple new items in the post so here they are

Its a 1999 MIA strat and it plays like butter. I havn't ever played a start that plays this nice without it costing an insane amount of dosh. I got mine for £700, which i think was a really good price especially as the pickups have all been upgraded, the middle and and neck pickup are texas specials, and the bridge is a seymour duncan. The pickups give a great amount of treble without getting too harsh, there also really quite.

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the last thing i got was a blackout effectors musket fuzz. and well it does exactly what it says on the tin. It has a tonne of fuzz on tap especially when using the pre knob which acts as a boost, and it has loads of sustain and clarity when you want it. Its so easy to dial in those russian muff tones, and can get pretty close to some of the usa tones if you tweak it for a while. I also managed to get a very good civil war tone out of it, which is one of the tones i really wanted to nail. really pleased with it.

Also its not just any musket fuzz, its the limited edition red sparkle coloured version

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Congratulations, that Strat looks awesome. I have the MIM version of it with a maple neck and it rocks.