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Cardboard case
34 45%
Plastic case
41 55%
Voters: 75.
Which do you prefer? Let's say, for the sake of argument, that both are equally expensive.
The advantages of a cardboard one or that it is probably less labour-intensive, weighs less and cannot "break".
The advantages of plastic are that it cannot bend, it doesn't get dirty as easily and it's a more "classic" shape.

Poll coming.
Cardboard, obviously. So much nicer to hold and to look at. I'm sure all the best albums are released in cardboard cases.
plastic with a cardboard jacket

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plastic with a cardboard jacker

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I prefer cardboard, but it can get destroyed in rain.
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Plastic. Digipaks don't stack properly and if the little teeth that hold the cd in snap you're screwed because the artwork is part of the pack so you can't just transfer the booklet and back cover to another case.
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I prefer cardboard, but it can get destroyed in rain.

So don't leave your cds outside.
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Cardboard, looks nicer and it gives you a sort of mini-vinyl feeling
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Digipacks are so much nicer to look at, but I think plastic is a better form to hold your cds in.
Hmm, I'd say cardboard in the short term since it's better to look at and feels great. Then again, I don't spend much time groping my CD cases to decide which type to get according to how it feels.

Plus cardboard wears easily, humidity can ruin it etc. so I'd say CD's overall.
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One made of fur lined wood and sandpaper.

That or cardboard, they're not as fragile in my expeirence.

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cardboard, for environmental reasons really

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Cardboard, looks nicer and it gives you a sort of mini-vinyl feeling

this ,but they seem to get chewed up n dinged up worse than the plastic ones but they are still moredurable than the plastic ones ( were you drop it once and the hindge breaks)
cardboard, because im absolutely sick of this

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Depends on the type of cardboard cover. If it's just a cardboard sleeve, I prefer traditional plastic cases, I feel safer putting my CDs in a proper case rather than just a sleeve. However, if it is the type of cardboard case that folds, and has plastic inside to hold the CD, I prefer those, they look and feel and so much more alot nicer.
Cardboard feels and looks nice, but they always seem extra ruinable. The corners wear down, the plastic that holds the CD comes off... So I'm gonna have to go with plastic.

Also, 50-50 polls ftw.
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I prefer cardboard, but I'd rather have plastic.

I know how I am with CD cases, DVD cases and game cases etc, and the few cardboard ones I do have...are bent and creased and don't look nice anymore. Plus plastic stacks a lot easier, when you can't afford a good sized rack for them all