So i'm just wondering if im making any steady progress, so what should i have learned after about a year of playing electric guitar (preferably playing metalcore/thrash metal etc)
Don't grade yourself based on the performance of others. Work at a steady pace. After the first year you might have a grasp of open chords/power chords and an idea of how scales work. You might be able to play basic rhythms and interchanging between the chords and do some simple lead stuff. That is MIGHT you don't HAVE to be. Just keep in mind learn an instrument from the ground up and you will be better off in the long run.
That "learnt" is not a word.

Sorry. I just had to.
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It all depends on how much you've practiced.

Example: I've been playing around 4 years now, but for the last 2 I've been a full-time student so I'm not nearly as good as I should be.
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Seriously though, you shouldn't be comparing yourself to others at this early of a point in your playing. Just listen to the sounds you're making, and if you're happy, then you're making good progress. If you're not, practice more!

But, to contribute, I figure a sloppy rendition of Raining Blood by Slayer would be expected.