*I'd like to start by saying I CHOSE not to put this into the cover sub category because I dont people to critique the playing but rather the recording of it. I thought this forum was appropriate.


Composure - ABR

PRS c24 blueberry -> Peavey 6505+ -> 57 close mic'd (still getting my technique right, no way to monitor as its being played, so its a steep learning curve) -> M-audio fast track pro

This was a mix with izotope 3, which i think i dont think i'm gunna use again, it seems to accentuate the highs and lows to much and scoop it :\ (i dont know how to use it properly yet)

***What do you guys reckon are the pro's and con's of the mix?

Personally i like the breakdown togetherness of the bass drum and open notes, works great, but the lead notes lack any 'goodness' for lack of a better term, just really thin and weak.
I think i also overcompressed it a **** of a lot too much.

This was a mix i did a while ago and i dont have the files anymore, so all this is hypothetical cheers UG x
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