Hello Guitar UG,
I don't normally post in this section, but here it goes.
My guitar playing friend will be getting some money pretty soon and wants to buy a few pedals for his FX line. Currently he doesn't have any (just an amp with a few different settings on it).

So my question is not which specific pedals to get, but which brands to look at and try out.
Pedals he'd want to look at:
EQ/Noise Compressors
Chorus, Delay etc.
(This is in order of importance)

Type of music: Mainly Rock and Metal (Metallica to Avenged Sevenfold type stuff)
Budget: Overall maybe about £300-£500 (pound sterling).

Thanks for any advice
Tell him to get 1-2 pedals at a time, play with them and realize whether or not he actually will use them. It's cool to have 10+ pedals, but the reality is unless your playing Explosions in the sky you don't need more than a handful.

The most important pedals to have are a tuner, noise gate, an OD, reverb, and delay in my opinion. Everything else is just extra icing on the cake.

EDIT: what kind of amp does he play? that'll effect whether he needs a noise gate (ss are usually quiet). also just saw the A7X Metallica part. Go for the wah pedal first and foremost then.
any paticular brands he should look at to start with? I know Boss make pretty standard pedals, but are there any other notable brands for guitar? (I'm a bassist, so don't generally look at these things)